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Lockin best seller S30PRO is a popular and highly rated digital lock that is perfect for home security and it works with ​Mijia MiHome App. Lockin S30PRO smart lock uses advanced technology to make your home more secure, while also being easy to use. Lockin S30PRO can be controlled remotely from your smartphone by bluetooth also has a variety of features that enhance security, such as the ability to set temporary password for guests or delivery people. 

  • Alarming and your phone will receive a warning notification if someone tries to break the Lockin Door Lock.

  • Alam and notification via app if anyone forgets to close the door

  • Full-automatic lock body opens the door in only 0.5 sec

  • If someone visit & presses the doorbell, notification via app

  • Work with Mi Devices, when you open the door, the lights and camera turn on automatically

  • View lock history and family back home reminders